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The Take: Credits
A Film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein
A Co-Production of Barna Alper Productions and the National Film Board of Canada
film still

Directed by:
Avi Lewis

Written by:
Naomi Klein

Ricardo Acosta

Director Of Photography:
Mark Ellam

Location Sound:
Jason Milligan

David Wall

Produced by:
Avi Lewis
Naomi Klein

Katie Mckenna

Producer for the National Film Board of Canada:
Silva Basmajian

Executive Producer:
Laszlo Barna

For The CBC:
Jerry Mcintosh
Marie Natanson

Line Producer:
Pim Van Der Toorn

Field Producers:
Esteban Magnani
Julian Massaldi-Fuchs
Cecilia Sainz
Silvana Santiago

Senior Field Producer/Visual Research:
Dawn Makinson

Second Camera:
John Jordan
Robin Mckenna

Second Sound:
Susana Guichal

Production Manager (Argentina) & Post Production Co-Coordinator:
Paula Talesnik

Logistics Coordinator:
David Meslin

Tomas Bril
Joseph Huff-Hannon

Produced by Barna-Alper Inc. and Klein Lewis Productions, in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada and in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

A First Run / Icarus Films Release

Last Updated September 8, 2011
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